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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ma Ma's Bunky Wash and more from Amanda's Scents and Dreams

Since I started cloth diapering I was still completely against cloth wipes because for some odd reason I thought that they were gross (with poop on them) even though I could deal with the diapers. haha. However, when my 2 year old gets rashes she cries and wiggles when I need to wipe her with a disposable wipe so I felt that it was necessary to start exploring cloth wipes. I came across MaMa's Bunky Wash when I was buying some wax tarts from Amanda's Scents and Dreams on facebook. All of her products are homemade and she is certified in essential oils. I received the set above with the large bottle, travel bottle, and cloth wipes. I immediately started using them since my daughter had a rash and she loves them. Now she brings me the cloth wipes instead of disposables when she needs to be changed. For a simple mess, I was able to just squirt some wash on the cloth and wipe. For a stuck on mess, I put a little on the wipe and some directly on her bum and everything came right off. It has greatly reduced her rashes and changing time! It smells really good too.

I also started using Amanda's Diaper Rash Salve. I absolutely love that stuff. The consistency is a lot more buttery then most but it is thicker in the container so it doesnt make a mess. As I have said in other rash posts, I am a hard core CJs user but this stuff is wonderful. It works like a charm and it is very affordable. The container is a great size for the diaper bag as well. It is a great all natural alternative to those yucky creams that you buy at the pharmacy or department store.

And I just need to add that she has tons of other products. I have an addiction to her wax tarts. They smell great and are long lasting. I have gotten a few family members hooked on them as well.  She also makes candles and all natural bath and beauty products. I have used her foot scrubs, milk bath, and soaks.

For all of my fans, Amanda and I would like to offer you 15%  off of your order through Amanda's Scents and Dreams if you tell her about this post :) Please go enjoy all of her wonderful products and get addicted with me!!!!!/pages/Amandas-Scents-and-Dreams/111509968860834?sk=wall

Sunday, February 5, 2012

EcoSprout detergent

I recently have spoken to a few moms that are having a hard time finding a good wash routine for their diapers due to soft water. Good news!!! I have very soft water and after a lot of trial and error I figured out the perfect wash routine for diapers. That involves EcoSprout!!!!

I have tried numerous detergents for my diapers and have always ended up with build up at some point. After a lot of trial and error and the help of some other EcoSprout fans, I finally came up with a good routine for my soft water. I have been using EcoSprout for a few months now and have had no problems with build up or stink. EcoSprout is gentle on cloth diapers and is an all natural detergent that smells great going into the wash. It rinses clean also.

My wash routine is a cold prerinse, hot wash with 1 TB of Ecosprout, and a cold rinse. For those extra stinky diapers that have been in the pail for awhile I also add 2 TB of BacOut. While EcoSprout gets rid of the stink on its own, the BacOut gives it that extra boost that also helps with the stains.

Please feel free to leave comments with your EcoSprout wash routine for different types of water.

And make sure to go to my page and enter to win a 24 oz bag of your choice in scent!!!

Rumpkinz Trainers and more

While I do not currently have a picture of the trainer that I was doing a review on (my daughter is at her Nanny's for the week and has it with her), I have really enjoyed doing this review and it came at the perfect time.
My daughter recently started potty training and during the day would rather be naked then to wear a diaper. However, if I put underwear on her she forgets and pees in them. Rumpkinz trainers have been working great for her.

Their trainers are thin enough that Brooke feels like a big girl in underwear, but they are slightly absorbent with an obv inner in case of little accidents. The outer is made of a cotton material with cute prints, so you can have some fun with picking designs. They are a pull up style trainer. Brooke's first pick after doing laundry has been her Rumpkinz trainer. She constantly reminds me its soooo soft.

Even though my review is for the trainers I also wanted to mention a little bit about some of her other products because I love them so much.

I LOVE Rumpkinz nursing pads. I have some that are smooth and some with nubs on them. The ones with the nubs are great for warmer weather because then you don't sweat and stick. The smooth ones are great for those shirts that would show the edges of a breast pad. They are slightly larger then a regular breastpad but I think it is wonderful because I have always had problems with my breastpads looking bulky through my nursing tanktop. These are wide enough that they do not show through.

MAMA CLOTH!!!! Ok I have to admit that I was completely grossed out by the thought of using mama cloth. I'm ok with washing poo diapers but for some reason I was disgusted by washing pads. I started having very faint periods that were not enough to warrant the use of a pad but I needed to do something. And I absolutely hate using regular pads because I feel like I crinkle when I walk. During a Rumpkinz auction I saw cloth pads and decided to give it a shot. I will never go back to disposable pads!!! These were wonderful. They are a minky fabric that is sooo soft and doesn't feel like I am wearing anything. They have cute colors and prints and wings with snaps that also can be folded and snapped into a little square for easy travel. I have had no leak issues. I throw them right in with my diapers during wash and they are good as new.

Rumpkinz OS Diapers- The one shown above is the one that is the giveaway prize. So far I have used the fleece outer and the pocket fitted. I am a huge fan of fleece. Rumpkinz fleece diapers are soft and absorbent and the fleece helps them to avoid leaks. The fitteds are also stuffable so you can adjust absorbency to fit needs. Because of that, I am able to stuff them as needed and able to go without a cover so I can still show off the cute prints. They are durable and my child plays hard in her diapers so it says a lot.

Please check Rumpkinz out and then go to my facebook page to enter to win the diaper!!!!

Hiney Helper by Heather's Naturals

I am a huge fan of CJs butter but always looking for something new so when I had the chance to try Hiney Helper I was more then happy to. Hiney Helper is an all natural Diaper Rash salve. While it does have an odd scent, I am pleased with it because it reminds me of how pure the ingredients are. The ingredients consist of: unrefined shea butter, calendula oil, bees wax, almond oil, and grapeseed oil.

Hiney Helper has a slight grit texture but I found that it helps to keep it in place. My kids are very sensitive to most products and even with their worst rash, it did not bother them at all. I use cloth diapers and I did not need to use a barrier with this. However, it is your decision to take that chance. I am not saying go ahead and do it or dont.

Hiney Helper was also good for my 7 month olds scalp eczema. I rubbed it into her scalp at night and washed her hair in the morning(considering some ingredients are oils). Her scalp quickly became soft and non scaly.

It comes in a cute little tin that fits into pretty much any diaper bag pocket. Heather has been kind enough to giveaway 1 tin to a lucky reader. Entries will be taken on my facebook page.

Please check her page out as well!/HeathersNaturals!/pages/Young-Mamas-Reviews/192511050793982

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Check out StoreCrowd for coupon codes!!!

Hey everyone I just wanted to share with you StoreCrowd. They offer up to date coupon codes and weekly store ads so that you can get the most bang for your buck!!! Make sure to check them out :)

It is easy to navigate the page and codes are updated regularly so there are no guessing games on if they will work or not :)

Here are some of my everyday stores and there are many more!!!! -KMART WALGREENS - OLD NAVY

And for those who still need to file their taxes..... - TURBO TAX

Make sure to check out the blog using the link at the bottom of their page for some great information on gifts, tax preparation, and more!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Body by Vi!!!!! final review :)

Alright ladies it has been over the 2 weeks thanks to the blog not wanting to work. I apologize for that.

When I started this review I weighed in at 162(doctor wanted me at 145) and I was in between size 7 and 9. I have no problem with my size until I cant buy any jeans that fit properly. My main goal was to simply be able to button my size 7s.

By the end of week 1, I weighed in at 154 which was an 8 lb lose!!!!It was pretty easy since the Visalus products taste good. It really helped me stick with it.

This weekend I weighed in at 149 which is an additional 5 lb lose! So in all I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks. :) The majority of my size 7s fit now as long as i dont leave them in the dryer for too long.

I wish I hadnt misplaced my camera because the before and after shots would have been amazing. I stuffed myself into size 7s for the before shot as well and had the belly hang going on. Now I can put those same jeans on and there is only about a half inch past my pants. I will be continuing to do Visalus kit because it will help me to keep the weight off.

Now here comes the fun part!!!!!
Heather is offering my readers some awesome options.
The first is the Resolution kit for $25 shipped which includes 14 shakes and 7 energy waters.
Second is $10 cash back if you join the Challenge.
And Third is $20 back if you become a new distributor.
Please join her facebook page and tell her I sent you!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Post 1 of Body by Vi review

I have had a few people ask how my progress is going with Body by Vi so here goes....

I received my Body by Vi package on December 30th. It included Vi Shape Sweet Cream shake mixes, Shape Up health flavors which taste awesome when combined with a shake, Vi Trim Clear control, vitamins, Neuro water flavor packets, and some Nutra Cookies. Plus 100 recipes to make the shakes even more awesome.

I will be honest in saying I am a skeptic when it comes to any sort of weight loss or fitness products. I expect them to taste gross if they work and to NOT work if they taste good. Ok maybe its all food in general because those fattening cookies taste way better then the fat free ones. However, when my doctor said that I needed to do something because my metabolism shut down after my 3rd child, I decided to suck it up and give it a shot.

I started this out weighing 162 which doesnt seem like much but my drs goal was 145. So that meant I needed to lose 17 lbs. Normally I wouldn't worry about it because as far as I could tell I still looked great. But when I was too thin for a size 9 but too big to fit into a 7 I had to figure something out. I don't exactly have the money to run out for new clothes everytime my body decides to be fluffy.

As soon as I openned the package I ate a cookie because thats my nature! They aren't something that would normally be my go to snack(again the whole mindset of healthy tastes gross) but in consideration that they are healthy, they are pretty darn good! The next time I wanted to eat one I got out the blender, put some low fat frozen yogurt, the cookie, and my shake mix in and mixed it all up. It tasted wonderful and held me over from Breakfast to Dinner.

The shakes are really good on there own but lets face it, who wants to drink the same exact thing all of the time? Thats why there are recipes!!!! They make it seem like something new every single time :) And if you want something easier just throw some of the flavor packets into the shake and its an instant difference! I have had the shakes alone, with a recipe, with a single packet, and combined packets. As a testament to the taste of these shakes, I had my husband try one. He doesnt like any type of health shakes. According to him, they are all disgusting. Well, I made one with the shake mix, lactose free milk, and 2 flavor packets in banana and strawberry. I thought I was going to have to pry it out of his hands!

The Clear Control flavorless packets are also wonderful. I add them to my morning coffee. They have no after taste so I feel like Im drinking my regular coffee when in fact Ive added a health factor to it.

I have yet to try the water packets but will be doing so this week.

Since the 30th I am already down to 154 which is 8 lbs less then when I started!!!! While my jeans are still snug I can now button the 7s. I cant wait until I can button them without feeling squished!

Keep your eyes open because I will be posting final results this coming weekend and a giveaway!