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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rumpkinz Trainers and more

While I do not currently have a picture of the trainer that I was doing a review on (my daughter is at her Nanny's for the week and has it with her), I have really enjoyed doing this review and it came at the perfect time.
My daughter recently started potty training and during the day would rather be naked then to wear a diaper. However, if I put underwear on her she forgets and pees in them. Rumpkinz trainers have been working great for her.

Their trainers are thin enough that Brooke feels like a big girl in underwear, but they are slightly absorbent with an obv inner in case of little accidents. The outer is made of a cotton material with cute prints, so you can have some fun with picking designs. They are a pull up style trainer. Brooke's first pick after doing laundry has been her Rumpkinz trainer. She constantly reminds me its soooo soft.

Even though my review is for the trainers I also wanted to mention a little bit about some of her other products because I love them so much.

I LOVE Rumpkinz nursing pads. I have some that are smooth and some with nubs on them. The ones with the nubs are great for warmer weather because then you don't sweat and stick. The smooth ones are great for those shirts that would show the edges of a breast pad. They are slightly larger then a regular breastpad but I think it is wonderful because I have always had problems with my breastpads looking bulky through my nursing tanktop. These are wide enough that they do not show through.

MAMA CLOTH!!!! Ok I have to admit that I was completely grossed out by the thought of using mama cloth. I'm ok with washing poo diapers but for some reason I was disgusted by washing pads. I started having very faint periods that were not enough to warrant the use of a pad but I needed to do something. And I absolutely hate using regular pads because I feel like I crinkle when I walk. During a Rumpkinz auction I saw cloth pads and decided to give it a shot. I will never go back to disposable pads!!! These were wonderful. They are a minky fabric that is sooo soft and doesn't feel like I am wearing anything. They have cute colors and prints and wings with snaps that also can be folded and snapped into a little square for easy travel. I have had no leak issues. I throw them right in with my diapers during wash and they are good as new.

Rumpkinz OS Diapers- The one shown above is the one that is the giveaway prize. So far I have used the fleece outer and the pocket fitted. I am a huge fan of fleece. Rumpkinz fleece diapers are soft and absorbent and the fleece helps them to avoid leaks. The fitteds are also stuffable so you can adjust absorbency to fit needs. Because of that, I am able to stuff them as needed and able to go without a cover so I can still show off the cute prints. They are durable and my child plays hard in her diapers so it says a lot.

Please check Rumpkinz out and then go to my facebook page to enter to win the diaper!!!!

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