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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ma Ma's Bunky Wash and more from Amanda's Scents and Dreams

Since I started cloth diapering I was still completely against cloth wipes because for some odd reason I thought that they were gross (with poop on them) even though I could deal with the diapers. haha. However, when my 2 year old gets rashes she cries and wiggles when I need to wipe her with a disposable wipe so I felt that it was necessary to start exploring cloth wipes. I came across MaMa's Bunky Wash when I was buying some wax tarts from Amanda's Scents and Dreams on facebook. All of her products are homemade and she is certified in essential oils. I received the set above with the large bottle, travel bottle, and cloth wipes. I immediately started using them since my daughter had a rash and she loves them. Now she brings me the cloth wipes instead of disposables when she needs to be changed. For a simple mess, I was able to just squirt some wash on the cloth and wipe. For a stuck on mess, I put a little on the wipe and some directly on her bum and everything came right off. It has greatly reduced her rashes and changing time! It smells really good too.

I also started using Amanda's Diaper Rash Salve. I absolutely love that stuff. The consistency is a lot more buttery then most but it is thicker in the container so it doesnt make a mess. As I have said in other rash posts, I am a hard core CJs user but this stuff is wonderful. It works like a charm and it is very affordable. The container is a great size for the diaper bag as well. It is a great all natural alternative to those yucky creams that you buy at the pharmacy or department store.

And I just need to add that she has tons of other products. I have an addiction to her wax tarts. They smell great and are long lasting. I have gotten a few family members hooked on them as well.  She also makes candles and all natural bath and beauty products. I have used her foot scrubs, milk bath, and soaks.

For all of my fans, Amanda and I would like to offer you 15%  off of your order through Amanda's Scents and Dreams if you tell her about this post :) Please go enjoy all of her wonderful products and get addicted with me!!!!!/pages/Amandas-Scents-and-Dreams/111509968860834?sk=wall