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Monday, January 9, 2012

Post 1 of Body by Vi review

I have had a few people ask how my progress is going with Body by Vi so here goes....

I received my Body by Vi package on December 30th. It included Vi Shape Sweet Cream shake mixes, Shape Up health flavors which taste awesome when combined with a shake, Vi Trim Clear control, vitamins, Neuro water flavor packets, and some Nutra Cookies. Plus 100 recipes to make the shakes even more awesome.

I will be honest in saying I am a skeptic when it comes to any sort of weight loss or fitness products. I expect them to taste gross if they work and to NOT work if they taste good. Ok maybe its all food in general because those fattening cookies taste way better then the fat free ones. However, when my doctor said that I needed to do something because my metabolism shut down after my 3rd child, I decided to suck it up and give it a shot.

I started this out weighing 162 which doesnt seem like much but my drs goal was 145. So that meant I needed to lose 17 lbs. Normally I wouldn't worry about it because as far as I could tell I still looked great. But when I was too thin for a size 9 but too big to fit into a 7 I had to figure something out. I don't exactly have the money to run out for new clothes everytime my body decides to be fluffy.

As soon as I openned the package I ate a cookie because thats my nature! They aren't something that would normally be my go to snack(again the whole mindset of healthy tastes gross) but in consideration that they are healthy, they are pretty darn good! The next time I wanted to eat one I got out the blender, put some low fat frozen yogurt, the cookie, and my shake mix in and mixed it all up. It tasted wonderful and held me over from Breakfast to Dinner.

The shakes are really good on there own but lets face it, who wants to drink the same exact thing all of the time? Thats why there are recipes!!!! They make it seem like something new every single time :) And if you want something easier just throw some of the flavor packets into the shake and its an instant difference! I have had the shakes alone, with a recipe, with a single packet, and combined packets. As a testament to the taste of these shakes, I had my husband try one. He doesnt like any type of health shakes. According to him, they are all disgusting. Well, I made one with the shake mix, lactose free milk, and 2 flavor packets in banana and strawberry. I thought I was going to have to pry it out of his hands!

The Clear Control flavorless packets are also wonderful. I add them to my morning coffee. They have no after taste so I feel like Im drinking my regular coffee when in fact Ive added a health factor to it.

I have yet to try the water packets but will be doing so this week.

Since the 30th I am already down to 154 which is 8 lbs less then when I started!!!! While my jeans are still snug I can now button the 7s. I cant wait until I can button them without feeling squished!

Keep your eyes open because I will be posting final results this coming weekend and a giveaway!

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