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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Body by Vi!!!!! final review :)

Alright ladies it has been over the 2 weeks thanks to the blog not wanting to work. I apologize for that.

When I started this review I weighed in at 162(doctor wanted me at 145) and I was in between size 7 and 9. I have no problem with my size until I cant buy any jeans that fit properly. My main goal was to simply be able to button my size 7s.

By the end of week 1, I weighed in at 154 which was an 8 lb lose!!!!It was pretty easy since the Visalus products taste good. It really helped me stick with it.

This weekend I weighed in at 149 which is an additional 5 lb lose! So in all I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks. :) The majority of my size 7s fit now as long as i dont leave them in the dryer for too long.

I wish I hadnt misplaced my camera because the before and after shots would have been amazing. I stuffed myself into size 7s for the before shot as well and had the belly hang going on. Now I can put those same jeans on and there is only about a half inch past my pants. I will be continuing to do Visalus kit because it will help me to keep the weight off.

Now here comes the fun part!!!!!
Heather is offering my readers some awesome options.
The first is the Resolution kit for $25 shipped which includes 14 shakes and 7 energy waters.
Second is $10 cash back if you join the Challenge.
And Third is $20 back if you become a new distributor.
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