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Monday, June 13, 2011

Momma Cricketz soapy sack review

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Johnson and Johnson's sudsy buddy bars but my kids love them! For the past 2 weeks my daughters have been having a blast reviewing a WAHM version of these.
I would like to introduce you guys to Momma Cricketz soapy sacks. They are flannel on one side and terry on the other with a velcro closure. You just add your favorite bar of soap.
These sacks make it easy for kids to hold their soap without dropping it. I also noticed that the soap lasts longer when I use this instead of just the bar. The kids have fun with them and they are functional!

I tend to see what else I can do with items that I review and I found that these also work better then washclothes with liquid body wash :) Normally, if I put a few squirts of body wash on a washcloth I need to reapply it in a few minutes. I put a few squirts of body wash inside one of these and it lasted for the entire bath.

I ran into a small issue when I went to wash my soapy sack. I put it in the hot wash with my cloth diapers and some stitching came out. I immediately notified Cricket and she responded quickly, requesting pictures so that she could work on the design to fix the problem. Not only did she plan to fix the problem but she also sent me a new and improved version as a replacement!!!
Momma Cricketz has awesome products and she also is great with customer service! Please check out some of her other products as well as the soapy sacks.

Also, a suggestion would be to wash on a warm cycle if you have extremely hot water(or maybe make sure your velcro diapers are firmly attached first lol)

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