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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rockin Green Detergent! Review

2 full weeks ago I decided to put myself to the challenge of using Rockin Green detergent on all of my diapers for an entire 2 weeks. I personally have never used actual cloth diaper detergent on my diapers. I simply used a store brand detergent that was rated 4 stars for cloth diapers. I am all about doing things the cheapest way possible but still being effective. I had heard both good and bad about Rockin Green and noticed to some it seemed almost a cloth diaper community status symbol. Of course, being so opinionated myself I needed to find this out for myself.
When the package of Rockin Green came in the mail, I immediately washed all of my diapers with my normal routine. (This is not the routine on the package, but I decided to try it the way others said they were using it and it didn't work well for them). Understand that the way I did this was the way many had told me they did, and it was done many other ways as well because I wanted to see if the instructions really did matter. (Some products don't need to be followed word for word). I use a top loader so I filled my washer all of the way and put the recommended amount of detergent on a prewash setting(warm as I was told). Then washed them on the regular cycle again with hot water and rinsed 2x with cold water(again as many said they did). And sure enough my diapers were still stinky even though they looked clean with the exception of 2 that were really poopy beforehand. I rewashed them all of course.
The next time I washed my diapers, I decided to follow just the wash instructions on the package exactly as they were written. I quickly realized that this was working out much better then the previous try :)
So for my third use of the Rockin Green detergent, I decided to try the soak method and then wash. My diapers came out absolutely wonderful! I didn't need a second rinse either. They were stink free, stain free, and soft.
The samples that I had sent to me at my request were Classic Rock, but I had also received some samples of Hard Rock from a friend. My water is not that hard, but I do have to say that Hard Rock was more efficient then Classic Rock was. So maybe my water was harder then I had thought.
I used Rage Against the Raspberries. It was a nice pleasant sent when I opened the package. So many detergents these days are too strong and hurt my nose since I am allergic to strong fragrances. However, this was a subtle enough sent that I could smell it without it burning. :)
In conclusion, I would have to say that this is one of those situations where following instructions makes all of the difference in whether it works well or not. The smell was fabulous. Shipping was quick. Customer service was sensational. Packaging was attractive. I would definitely buy this again and will be recommending it to others, because it is truly a wonderful product. :)
I will be posting a giveaway for a 45/90 bag of Rockin Green of winners choice of scent and formula on Monday, May 9th. This giveaway will go for 2 full weeks. I will then use to choose a winner :) So tell all of your friends

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