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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello and Thanks for visiting my blog! So many times I have tried something new and wanted to tell everyone how wonderful it is and I think the easiest way to spread the word these days is to do so via internet. :) This blog will be all about products I try. If you have a product you would like reviewed please let me know. Also, if you are a consumer who would like me to try something first feel free to make suggestions and I will do my best to get access to that product.
All reviews will be based not only on the product but also customer service for that company. As a mother of 3, I know how frustrating it can be when you need to contact customer service and they are rude or impossible to get hold of so I will also be letting consumers as well as the company themselves know if there is something that can be fixed concerning customer service.
I plan to review all sorts of products from every category and all reviews will be 100% unbiased. I will be reviewing based solely on that product and not considering my experience with other products so that I will be able to concentrate on every aspect of said product without influencing anyone's opinions based off of my own opinions. I am not here to sway anyone's decisions towards specific products, but to inform the consumer of what I have experienced so they can make informed decisions.
Please understand that I WILL be mentioning what my favorite and least favorite parts of a product are BUT I will NOT be mentioning other products in the review(such as product A is not as good as product B because of such and such reasons). Thanks again  for visiting and feel free to follow or message me :)

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