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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Scene Organic Bamboo Velour OS Fitted

Recently I have had the pleasure of receiving a few OBVs from Green Scene. 
These diapers come in super cute designs and are extremely soft. They are one size and they have the perfect amount of snaps to adjust the waist to any size. They are also super easy to snap on to a wiggly child. My daughter is 18 months old and she does not like clothes, but I am able to get this diaper on her in a few seconds.
My daughter is a heavy wetter so I have always been a little skeptical about trying fitteds without a cover. I decided to give it a shot though, just so that I can give a full review of all aspects. They held up to my daughter!!! Most diapers dont stand a chance with her. She is able to go around the house for 2-3 hrs before she starts to soak through. I still use a cover for naps and going out. They hold up wonderfully at naptime with a cover.
I have had no problems with stink with these. They are super easy to clean and they rinse easily. They have a fairly short drying time for a fitted diaper. My daughter has pooed in these and they were easy to clean off even without a sprayer.
My experience with these diapers was wonderful. My daughter even loves these because of how soft they are. They also have a perfect fit for her. She is tall with chunky thighs and with all of the ways you can adjust the snaps, I was able to fit them to her with no problems at all.
I also want to note that my experience with "customer service" was fabulous as well. I have been in contact with Melisa and she is one of the kindest women I have spoken to. She is helpful with any questions I have. She is very understanding of any person's individual situation.
I would definitely recommend these diapers to any mama that wants a cute, comfy fitted!
Let them know I sent you so I can get some awesome discounts and there will be a giveaway in the future :)

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